Work smart, effective and environmentally friendly– use Anti Twin® and Prefix®!

The Norwegian products Anti Twin®, Prefix®, Easyfix® and Coilfix® will make your work more efficient and help you get a better end result. TECCON has developed and delivered smart high quality solutions for electricians in the Nordic region since 1988, constantly aiming to be a profitable company that creates sustainable value for customers, shareholders and employees. We are located in Randaberg, outside Stavanger, and have managed to create a great network in large parts of the Nordic region.

Do you have any questions about our products or your opportunities, please contact us.

Rune Melkevig

Tlf: +47 51 73 37 05
Mob: +47 906 49 171

Sjur Revang

Financial Manager
Tlf: +47 51 73 37 04
Mob: +47 982 06 637